Partnership Why partner with Accelerate?

There's no time for science in silos as we continue to confront collective, urgent challenges like the encroaching realities of the climate crisis. Accelerated discovery is a transformation of the system, one that offers both the tools and materials to build a more sustainable future at a fraction of the time and cost. Partner with us to explore what it will take to deliver on this transformation and how we can work together to get there.

The Accelerate Conference will be a meeting place for those keen to be at the forefront of accelerated discovery, from the world's leading scientists to the students and early career researchers just starting out. The interdisciplinary nature of the field promises to draw a diverse crowd from academia, government, and industry, including computer scientists, chemical engineers, materials scientists, chemists, and many others.

With an emerging field of science, comes new opportunities. Whether you're interested in building brand awareness, lead generation, networking, thought leadership, or all of the above, please reach out so we can find the best way to cater to your specific goals. To learn more, email Padraic Foley, the Acceleration Consortium's Director of Strategy and Partnerships: