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Number Title Presenters
1 Automation of Powder X-ray Diffraction for Crystal Form Screening Amy Lunt
2 Optimization of a scalable coating process using a self-driving laboratory Connor Rupnow
3 Accelerated discovery of organic laser gain medium material with self-driving lab Han Hao
4 Clustering of organic molecular crystals from powder X-ray diffraction data James Osborne
5 Executable biology for bio-materials design: Automating end-to-end design of phase-separating peptides Arvind Ramanathan
6 Accelerating the Adoption of Research Data Management Strategies Fadwa El Mellouhi
7 Embarking on a journey to drive industrial catalysis with light Andrew Wang
8 A High-Throughput Platform for Efficient Exploration of Polypeptides Chemical Space via Automation and Machine Learning Guangqi Wu
9 AI/ML Enabled Autonomous Discovery for the Rational Deconstruction of Heterogenous Complex Samples Millicent Firestone
10 Reproducible Sorbent Materials Foundry for Carbon Capture at Scale Austin McDannald, Howie Joress
11 Palladium-catalyzed protodeboronation of boronic acid derivatives Cher Tian Ser
12 Towards a High-Throughput Understanding of Electrolyte Solvation Structures Orion Cohen
13 Self-driving Multimodal Studies at Central Facilities Phillip Maffettone
14 Group SELFIES: a robust fragment-based molecular string representation Austin Cheng, Andy Cai
15 A data science-driven approach for visualizing membrane 3-D structure using cross-sectional SEM images Hooman Chamani
16 Open-Hardware Materials Acceleration Platforms for Accessible and Democratized Materials Discovery Maria Politi
17 Benchmarking optimization strategies on realistic tasks derived from chemistry and materials science research Riley Hickman
18 Performance Evaluation of Distance Metrics in Material Acceleration Platforms Huat Thart Chiang
19 Automating mix design for 3D concrete printing using optimization methods Vasileios Sergis
20 Graph Convolutional Neural Network for Projected Density of States predictions Ihor Neporozhnii
21 A knowledge management system for fuel cell and green hydrogen technologies - fusionmap project Sara Shahmohammadi
22 Computer vision systems to support error-tolerant cooperation of independent robotic systems, developed using the Unity game engine Rory Butler
23 Towards ultra-customizable composite materials Maciej Haranczyk
24 Valorization of treated aluminum spent-pot lining as cementitious materials Victor Brial
25 Self-driving laboratory with applications in antimicrobial therapeutic design Casey Stone
26 Automated electrochemistry platform for accelerated molecular discovery Yang Cao
27 Development of a scanning droplet cell for alloy discovery Howie Joress
28 Setting the Stage for Delocalized Synthesis and Materials Discovery Feix Strieth-Kalthoff
29 A Novel Data Augmentation Technique for Polymers Stanley Lo
30 A Scalable Framework for Autonomous Discovery Mark Hereld
31 TBA Jacob Mathew Rintamaki
32 TBA Kourosh Darvish