Keynote Speakers

Christoph Brabec

Accelerating emerging PV technologies

Christoph Brabec
(FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg)

Brabec will present his team’s step-by-step approach to laboratory automation in materials science with a strong focus on fully functional solar devices.

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Jordan Jacobs

Building an AI Ecosystem

Jordan Jacobs
(Managing Partner and co-founder of Radical Ventures, an early-stage VC fund investing in artificial intelligence companies)

With many tech hubs around the world vying to take the lead in the artificial intelligence (AI) space, Jacobs will discuss what it will take to build a robust AI ecosystem in Canada. After his talk, Jacobs will continue the conversation about Canada’s path to owning the podium in AI-driven innovation in a panel also featuring: Alan Bernstein (President & CEO of CIFAR); Leah Cowen (University of Toronto); Garth Gibson (President and CEO of the Vector Institute)

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Lilo D. Pozzo

Opportunities in AI-driven and high-throughput soft matter research

Lilo D. Pozzo
(University of Washington)

Pozzo will showcase how researchers in her group are developing and adapting hardware and software infrastructure to accelerate the pace of materials discovery in soft-matter systems (i.e. colloids, polymers, complex fluids and nanomaterials).

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Confirmed Speakers and Panelists

Ben Alston
Gearu Labs

Alan Aspuru-Guzik
University of Toronto

Milad Abolhasani
North Carolina State University

Sterling Baird
University of Utah

Curtis Berlinguette
University of British Columbia

Alan Bernstein

Christoph Brabec
FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg

Keith Brown
Boston University

Maria Chan
Argonne National Laboratory

Zamyla Chan
Acceleration Consortium

John Chodera
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Adrienne Clement
Creative Destruction Lab

Caroline Cloutier
National Research Council Canada

Leah Cowen
University of Toronto

Steven Cranford
Cell Press

Ali Dolatabadi
University of Toronto

Brian DeCost

Dan Falk
science journalist

Jon French
University of Toronto

Pascal Friederich

Joshua Gans
University of Toronto

Animesh Garg
University of Toronto

Garth Gibson
Vector Institute

Adam Gormley
Rutgers University

Johannes Hachmann
University at Buffalo

Alexander Hammer

Jason Hattrick-Simpers
University of Toronto

Jason Hein
University of British Columbia

Thomas Heine
TU Dresden

Brett Helms
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Kedar Hippalgaonkar
Nanyang Technological University

Riley Hickman
University of Toronto

Jordan Jacobs
Radical Ventures

Yousung Jung
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

Mark Kozdras
Natural Resources Canada

Eugenia Kumacheva
University of Toronto

Ha-Kyung Kwon
Toyota Research Institute

Alexander Lavin
Pasteur Labs & ISI

Benji Maruyama
Air Force Research Laboratory

Austin McDannald

R. J. Dwayne Miller
University of Toronto

Michelle Murphy
University of Toronto

Deval Pandya
Vector Institute

Gabriella Pizzuto
University of Liverpool

Lilo D. Pozzo
University of Washington

Benjamin Sanchez-Lengeling
Google Brain

Bradley Schmidt
Chemspeed Technologies AG

Joshua Schrier
Fordham University

Florian Shkurti
University of Toronto

Chandra Singh
University of Toronto

Shijing Sun
Toyota Research Institute

Anjuli Swaziola
Natural Resources Canada

Mitra Taheri
Johns Hopkins University

Karen Temple
University of Toronto

Helen Tran
University of Toronto

Wil de Vega

Anatole von Lilienfeld
University of Toronto

Richard Walroth

Jie Xu
Argonne National Laboratory


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